Standard Zoning Report

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What is a Zoning Report in Commercial Zoning?

A commercial zoning document is used to report the current zoning district, highlight what uses are permitted and outline the current requirements for that particular zone. The document then compares the requirements to what property conditions are shown on the land survey depicting the property. Once the report is complete, the preparer will notify the ordering party if there are any open violations, variances, special permits, conditions or exceptions, and if there are any nonconforming issues.

NV5’s Standard Zoning Report:

NV5 is committed to providing quality standard zoning reports throughout the United States. Our clients trust us to provide superior customer service and competitive pricing. The Standard Zoning Report first developed by legacy Bock & Clark Corporation is our most requested zoning product depicting a full, industry-standard property zoning report and offering municipality documents including:

  • Zoning verification or zoning compliance letter
  • Notice of outstanding code violations of record (zoning, building or fire)
  • Copy of certificate(s) of occupancy
  • Copy of zoning map or applicable map portion
  • Adjacent property zoning designations
  • Notice of applicable variances/special permits/exceptions/conditions
  • Conforming status as provided by municipality
  • Table of current zoning district requirements
  • Municipal zoning code sections for permitted uses, height, setback, lot area, minimum parking and right to rebuild in the event of casualty
  • Comparison of current zoning code requirements to as-built survey conditions and notice of any nonconforming characteristics observed.

In order to conduct this report, we also need the following information from our clients:

  • Property address
  • Parcel number
  • Current Use
  • Prior Survey
  • Offering memorandum
  • Turnaround time

While the property address is sometimes the only needed information to receive a quote for zoning, any additional information you have will be beneficial in creating a comprehensive proposal. Once the standard zoning report is ordered, an ALTA Survey will be required in order to complete the survey comparison portion.

Have any questions? NV5 Real Estate Transaction Services is committed to making sure all your zoning due diligence questions are answered.