Phase I Environmental Site Assessment: Vapor Migration

July 11, 2018

In the commercial real estate due diligence industry, it is a universal understanding that any contamination found on a property can decrease its property value, cause use limitation, or become a risk for human exposure and potentially a third-party liability.

Should I add Vapor Migration Test to My Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment?

In the past few years, vapor migration and vapor encroachment have gained attention specifically as they relate to the chemicals in soil and groundwater, which release vapors into the subsurface - the vadose zone.

Vapors from contamination on the target property or as a result of contamination located near the property can migrate into structures. This can expose occupants to harmful chemicals, and the property owner could be held liable.

What Is a Phase l ESA?

A Phase l Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is an assessment that identifies the Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) that could impact the value of the property. At Bock & Clark, our qualified professionals have the experience and knowledge to compose high-quality reports that provide the custom report to meet your specifications.

Should I Consider Vapor Migration for my Environmental Site Assessment?

If you order a Phase I ESA, it is a standard requirement to consider and evaluate vapor migration when identifying Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) and cite the ASTM E2600 Guide as the evaluation method. If you request a Phase l ESA report for your next transaction, Bock & Clark can provide the necessary information to eliminate or mitigate the liability mentioned above.

At Bock & Clark, we provide environmental and assessment services that adhere to ASTM standards at competitive pricing. For more information about our services, request a quote or contact us today.