Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (Phase II ESA)

In the event that the findings of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment reveal a Recognized Environmental Condition that warrants additional study, a Phase II ESA (ASTM E1903-11) can be ordered.

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Overview of Phase II Environmental Site Assessments Services

Should the Phase I report warrant additional investigation, Bock & Clark is available to quote and provide Phase II Environmental Site Assessment services. A more extensive report than Phase I, the Phase II assessment requires property sampling and laboratory analysis.

At Bock & Clark, we are the largest national ALTA Survey coordinator and employ multiple project teams to handle different projects, which ensures that we will provide exceptional customer service and on-time delivery. We are also pioneers of the Standardized ALTA Survey Format and have developed standardized reports for zoning environmental and assessment divisions to ensure that you always receive the report that you expect.

A Phase II ESA is generally a subsurface investigation that can include:

  • Soil Sampling
  • Groundwater monitoring, sampling and analysis
  • Soil vapor/Sub slab soil gas testing
  • Ground penetrating radar
  • Characterization of hazardous chemicals

Do I need a Phase II Report?

The following are some Recognized Environmental Conditions that may necessitate the request for a Phase II Report:

  • Current or former underground storage tanks (USTs)
  • Existing USTs are past their life expectancy
  • Evidence of a release (leaking drum, compactor) or threatened release
  • Historical Use examples: Dry cleaners, Metal Plating Facility, Gas Station, Auto Repair, Lumber Yard and others

At Bock & Clark, we are committed to providing our customers with superior service, high-quality products and competitive pricing. For more information on our Phase II Environmental Assessments, contact us today.