Our Process

NV5 Real Estate Transaction Services is more than just a coordinator of commercial land surveying services. We employ licensed surveyors in our own surveying offices and utilize the services of professionals in our National Surveyors Network. This structure allows us to quote competitive prices and turnaround times.

Request a Quote  

Here is how we do it:

  1. Client contacts us to request a proposal: 1-800-787-8397
  2. Request assigned to a project team.
    Project teams are comprised of: 
    • Project Manager – team leader; prepares the bids and selects surveyors
    • Coordinator – responsible for communication with the client and surveyor; tracks project and manages documents
    • Assistant – document handling, tracking and Internet uploads
    • Reviewer – checks for client requirements, fields surveyor questions and monitors Bock & Clark Standardized Survey Format (Download PDF sample)
  3. Quotes from NV5 surveying offices and our National Surveyors Network of more than 12,500 surveyors across North America are compared and reviewed. We accept multiple bids for each site (approximately 5-7) to ensure competitive pricing and turnaround time. If known, we’ll include the prior surveyor in the bid process.
  4. Presentation of proposal to client. Pricing and time frame are broken down site-by-site and proposal amount reflects our not-to-exceed fee.
  5. Client engages NV5 to perform work.
  6. NV5 authorizes the surveyor to proceed.
  7. Identification of transaction parties.
  8. Monitoring of timely delivery of title commitment and supportive documents. To ensure timely delivery and accuracy of surveys, title commitments and supportive documents must be made available by the client.
  9. NV5 receives first draft of survey from surveyor. NV5’s Real Estate Transaction Services team monitors the progress of delivery from the surveyor and keeps them aware of all project specifications, including ALTA requirements, optional Table A items and any lender specifications.
  10. Review of the first draft by NV5’s in-house review team. Working as an “extra set of eyes,” our in-house reviewers check each survey to ensure that all project specifications have been addressed. In nearly all cases, a review is done prior to delivery of first draft to transaction parties. However, some surveys may not have benefit of that review in interest of a speedier delivery to the client.
  11. Delivery of survey to transaction parties. PDF file and/or hard copy.
  12. Comments collected from all parties and survey revisions completed.
  13. Final delivery of survey to all transaction parties.