NV5/Bock & Clark –
New Brand. Same Service.

In January 2019, Bock & Clark transitioned its brand to NV5. The change of brand is a result of NV5’s purchase of Bock & Clark in April 2017. NV5 Global is a publicly traded provider of technical and engineering services and Bock & Clark will now fully join its Transaction Services division.

The new branding brings with it a new logo and look for the company but the team at Bock & Clark remains the same.  Our commitment to quality commercial real estate due diligence is unchanged and we will continue to be the industry’s number one choice for:

Along with the above services, the association with NV5 allows us to offer expanded services related to commercial real estate including:

Whether contacting us for Survey, Zoning, Environmental, Property Assessment or any of the above services, call us at 1-800-787-8397. Our employees remain committed to quality and are happy to answer any questions related to Bock & Clark or NV5. Though rebranded, we will still maintain our own website, www.bockandclark.com. To learn more about NV5 visit www.nv5.com.