Commercial Zoning Reports

NV5's Zoning group is part of NV5 Real Estate Transaction Services and offers national commercial zoning services. Our experienced staff can prepare reports for all 50 states as well as parts of Canada. We have the capacity to handle single-site projects and projects of several hundred sites at any given time.

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Whether you need a Standard Zoning Report or a custom report, we supply a high-quality product based on your specifications. Simply provide us the property address(es) and we will prepare a competitive proposal. It can also be beneficial to provide any additional information you have, such as current use, parcel number, prior survey, turnaround time and offering memorandum in order to receive a thorough comprehensive report. Our reports are accepted by all major lenders and title companies.

NV5 Zoning will:

  • Research, prepare and review full zoning reports or any component therein
  • Interpret analytic wording found in city and/or county zoning code requirements
  • State conformance as provided by municipality and/or note nonconforming issues disclosed through survey review/comparison.

We understand that no transaction is the same. For this reason, we offer several zoning report options:

What is Commercial Zoning?

Zoning consists of written regulations and laws defined by cities, counties, villages, townships, etc., for the use of land in specific geographic areas. Zoning ordinances (or categories) specify whether a property can be used for residential, commercial, industrial, civic, agricultural or other designations. This plays a key role in the development of a particular district. Each category has specific regulations for what uses are permitted, based upon conditions such as:

  • Lot area
  • Setbacks
  • Structure heights
  • Parking spaces

In commercial real estate, users of zoning reports need to know that the property is properly zoned, that its current use is acceptable and that is it not in violation of any zoning or building codes.

Who needs a zoning report?

Zoning reports have become integral pieces of the puzzle when conducting commercial real estate transactions. They are used by attorneys, title insurers, property owners, brokers, buyers and lenders to complete the due diligence process, determine compliance, secure title endorsements and ascertain insurance needs.

NV5 provides commercial zoning reports for our clients across the country. We are a full-service company that has the capacity to handle projects of all sizes. We take pride in our professional and personalized service.

For more information about our services, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you have specific commercial zoning questions, contact Julie Whitman, Zoning Manager, at 1-800-787-8390 ext. 203, or complete our online quote request form to receive a free quote.