Commercial Zoning: What is Planned Unit Development (PUD)?

January 22, 2018

In commercial zoning, you will occasionally see the abbreviation PD or PUD. PD is the acronym for Planned Development, or Planned Unit Development. But what does this mean? In this blog post, we will discuss the meaning and uses of PUD.

What is a Planned Unit Development?

When a property is developed in accordance to an approved site or development plan, the municipality will sometimes be given a special zoning designation, PUD, instead of a more conventional zone, such as a C-2.

Typically, the use of a PUD indicates that a particular property or section will be governed by requirements that were specifically approved for the development instead of the standard zoning code.

Commercial Zoning Requirements

When researched, a copy of the planned development zoning plan and its conditions of approval are pulled to gather information for the commercial zoning report. Instead of pulling the parking requirements, permitted uses, setbacks, etc., from the zoning code, the same requirements will come from the approved plan. The information can then be used to compare the zoning requirements to the noted conditions as depicted on the survey.

It’s important to note that when anticipating completion of the zoning report, there may be a slight increase in reporting time for Planned Unit Development properties, depending on their age and the municipality document storage protocols.

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