Construction Scheduling: Tips for Avoiding Construction Delay Claims

Posted by Evolve March 23, 2021

NV5 Tips for Avoiding Construction Delay Claims.

When embarking on a construction project, teams need to plan the work and work the plan. Though the advice is simple, it can become anything but when dealing with the wide-ranging challenges present in today’s design and construction industry.

Importance of Construction Scheduling

The importance of construction planning and scheduling is crucial to the project, as it serves as a proactive management tool from point of beginning to completion. There is no way to short-cut the process and come out successful on the other side, as disputes can quickly arise if teams fail to deliver on agreed requirements and expectations, often resulting in construction delay claims.

Easy Construction Planning Tips to Avoid Delay Claims

  1. Contractually set stakeholder expectations with the development and implementation of a comprehensive construction scheduling specification. Conformance to this specification must be monitored on a routine basis throughout the project to ensure sustained accountability.
  2. Collaborate on the preparation, review, and timely acceptance by the team of the baseline construction schedule including coding, logic, labor resources and cost loading.
  3. Establish a minimum number of monthly schedule updates that conform to contractual requirements and present a schedule narrative that includes an overview of all logic changes to the schedule.
  4. Assign an objective project stakeholder to perform routine schedule analysis and assessment metrics that ensure full transparency to schedule management and execution performance.
  5. Perform a quality Time-Impact-Analysis (TIA) as required when potential deviations or delays arise to support a proactive decision-making process that circumvents costly disputes.

Prepare for Disruptions to Prevent Construction Delay Claims

As with all things, it is difficult to anticipate the unexpected, but a project team can do its best to prepare for project disruptions by putting in the proper construction planning time on the front end to lessen the impact of surprises during the process, thus saving them from unwanted construction delay claims.

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