ASTM E2018 Standards for Property Condition Assessments

January 15, 2016

As with other ASTM Standards, there is a timeframe in which the standards must be reviewed by a committee and updated as necessary. The recent changes to the PCA Standard, promulgated on November 5, 2015, were minor, affecting items such as rewording, new definitions and the re-organization of several subsections.

However, there are some notable revisions. These include:

Revised Accessibility Appendices (ADA and FHA)

The most notable change in the standard is the replacement of the tiered approach pertaining to ADA Accessibility in the 2018-08 standards with new guidance for a limited “Baseline Evaluation”.

The baseline ADA due diligence is a Visual Accessibility Survey consisting of a limited scope visual survey and completion of The Uniform Abbreviated Screening Checklists (2010 ADA and FHA) provided in the Appendix as guidance. It excludes the taking of measurements or counts and is subject to representative sampling. A detailed study of the conformance of properties with the requirements of FHA is beyond the scope of this guide; however, an opinion of conformance is sometimes requested in connection with the Property Condition Assessment. Supplemental assessment may be needed to satisfy the risk tolerance and desired level of due diligence of some users.

New ASTM E2018 Definitions

A Physical Condition is now defined in Sect. 2.3.24 as “the physical state of a property, system component or piece of equipment. Within the context of the assessment, the consultant may offer opinions of the physical condition of the property, or of systems, components and equipment observed. Such opinions commonly employ terms such as good, fair and poor, though additional terms such as excellent, satisfactory and unsatisfactory may also be used.”

Long Term Cost (Replacement Reserve Tables)

The long term cost/replacement reserve tables are common to the PCA and an expected service by most PCA users. Previous E2018 versions, excluded referencing reserves/ long term costs, which has now been added to the Additional Scope Consideration, Section 8.5.3, recognizing that most PCAs include some level of assessment of long term costs.