Pending Revisions to the ASTM 1527-13 Phase I ESA Standard

June 21, 2019

Every 8 years the ASTM standards sunset and need to be revised. That time period is soon to pass as related to the release of the 13 standards, in particular E1527. The ASTM E50 Committee on Environmental Assessments began work in 2018 and has continued to work steadily with the hope of drafting, approving and passing the new standard for ASTM E1527 by the end 2019 that will result in its publication in 2020.

Should all go according to plan, key changes to E1527 would include adding clarifications to the HREC and CREC definitions. In addition, Historical Research would be expanded to adjoining properties along with clarifying the scope of site visits.

NV5/Bock & Clark will stay close to any news related to the pending revisions and can assist with interpreting and updating to the new standard once implemented.