ALTA Survey Optional Table A Item 9: Parking Survey Requirements

November 14, 2017

ALTA Survey Requirements: Parking

In 2016, the Minimum Standards for ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys provided clarification for the responsibilities of the surveyor when including Optional Table A Item 9, which regards parking.

The definition of this section now reads “Number and type (e.g., disabled, motorcycle, regular and other marked specialized types) of clearly identifiable parking spaces on surface parking areas, lots and in parking structures. Striping of clearly identifiable parking spaces on surface parking areas and lots.”

Parking Striping

The definition clarifies striping by stating that ONLY striping for surface parking lots and surface areas need to be shown. In the previous version of the requirements, it could have been misinterpreted that the surveyor had to specify any striping on the property, which would include above and below the ground parking structures.

Parking Count Requirements – Clearing Up Misunderstandings

The new definition removes any misunderstanding of the responsibilities of the surveyor by stating that the surveyors are required to include in the parking count any parking space on the property, whether it’s a surface space or within a structure.

In addition to the total number of spaces, the surveyor must also identify by type; for example, disabled, motorcycle, regular and other. With the increase in popularity of electric cars and ride-share, surveyors will sometimes even include the number of electric charging stations or the amount of spaces designated for car sharing services.

Other Notable ALTA Survey Requirements

It is important to note that, if the transaction requires striping for all parking including parking within structures, it should be negotiated under blank Optional Item 21. It is also imperative to note that projects like HUD deals or any property where parking may be required to meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) may dictate that the surveyor must specify the dimension of the parking spaces, especially the disabled parking spaces. This is also something that should be negotiated under Optional Item 21 with specific instruction given to the surveyor.

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