About NV5 Real Estate Transaction Services

Bock & Clark was founded in 1973 and provides national commercial real estate due diligence services including ALTA Surveys, Zoning Reports, Environmental Site Assessments and Property Condition Assessments. Purchased in April 2017 by NV5 Global, a publicly traded company specializing in technical and engineering services, the two entities have combined to become a worldwide provider of quality due diligence reports and engineering. Bock & Clark fully transitioned its brand to NV5 Real Estate Transaction Services in 2022.

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NV5 Real Estate Transaction Services employs experienced professionals to research and prepare each of its products resulting in due diligence efficiency. With offices in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Oklahoma, California, Colorado and Rhode Island, we carry licenses in multiple states and are not simply due diligence coordinators, but providers as well.

NV5 Real Estate Transaction Services serves a national client base – all 50 states plus Canada – offering the following products:

At NV5, we are committed to providing superior customer service, competitive pricing and a high-quality product. We take pride in our personalized service achieved through a project team structure. Whether you have a quick question or need guidance in ordering your next due diligence report, we are available to take your call or respond to your email. Additionally, we promise not-to-exceed pricing, allowing you to know your costs at the inception of the project.  We are a full-service company and have the capacity to handle single-site projects as well as transactions involving hundreds of sites and specialty projects.

Worried about integrating your Document Management System? No need. We strive to make our process simple and easy for our customers. In an effort to facilitate client needs, we are equipped and able to use your or any third party due diligence management system for document and report uploads and downloads. Simply let us know what is best for you and your team, and we will make note and deliver.

For more information about NV5 Real Estate Transaction Services please contact us at 
requestinfo@bockandclark.com or call 1-800-787-8397. To learn more about NV5's complete service offerings, visit https://www.nv5.com.

Company History - Legacy Bock & Clark

The former Bock & Clark didn't become the undisputed leader in providing due diligence services to the commercial real estate market overnight. It took years of perfecting our process.

Bock & Clark was established in Medina, Ohio on May 21,1973 by James R. Bock, P.S., and Carl M. Clark, P.E., P.S. Initially, the company predominantly conducted basic boundary and subdivision survey work, but by the late 1970's, Bock & Clark began providing Residential Mortgage Location Surveys throughout Northeast Ohio. Offering this service to local title insurance and mortgage companies increased business and sparked the expansion of the company and its number of employees. In the late 1980's, the company added additional branch offices throughout the Midwest.

Licensed in multiple states, the company continued to meet the demand for residential surveys while also beginning to provide ALTA Surveys for commercial properties. The quality and standardization of a Bock & Clark survey was soon recognized and demand for ALTA Surveys grew, nationwide. To service states where they were not licensed, Bock & Clark created the National Surveyors Network in the early 90’s and began collaborating with other surveyors throughout the United States who were experienced in ALTA and willing to present their surveys in Bock & Clark’s standard format.

Throughout the 90’s the National Surveyors Network grew rapidly as the company started coordinating thousands of ALTA Surveys across the country. The Network expanded to approximately 14,000 surveying firms including Bock & Clark’s own licensed surveyors.

In early 1996, Scott Scibetta joined the business as CFO/COO. He began the process of consolidating the existing residential survey offices and transforming them to focus primarily on ALTA Surveys. He then opened new offices across the country to better service the ALTA Survey industry.

In 1998, Mr. Bock and Mr. Clark sold the business to a private equity firm and fully retired in 2001. That same year, Jeffrey Echko was hired on as company President. During Jeff’s 20-year tenure, he worked closely with a seasoned management team consisting of Scott Scibetta, Jim Brown, Cathleen Straffen, Laura Hengle, and a loyal group of Project/Branch Managers, to focus on continued growth of the business. To enhance that growth, the company embarked on the development of a sales and marketing team to further promote Bock & Clark services nationally.

This team effort allowed for expansion at every level including:

  • Addition of Zoning Report Services (2005) through acquisition of an Oklahoma-based national zoning company currently led by Zoning Manager, Julie Whitman
  • Addition of Environmental & Assessment Services (2012). Under the direction of manager, Jamie Ziemba, this team provides Phase I and Phase II Reports as well as Property Condition Assessments and other related environmental services, nationwide.
  • Opening of additional ALTA surveying offices across the country
  • Doubling the number of in-house project management teams and furthering its commitment to quality control through improvements made to its proprietary project tracking software
  • Enhancing its network of surveying partners across the country
  • Providing clients and end-users comprehensive information on the ALTA Survey through development of its ALTA Survey Handbook and presentation of educational training seminars

In April 2017, Bock & Clark was acquired by NV5 Global, a publicly traded entity that provides professional and technical engineering and consulting services to both public and private sector clients. NV5 delivers solutions through six business verticals: Testing, Inspection & Consulting; Infrastructure; Utility Services; Environmental Health Sciences; Buildings & Program Management; and Geospatial Technology. Bock & Clark has formally transitioned its company brand to NV5 as part of the company’s Transaction Services Division.

In 2019, the company acquired a respected surveying firm in Arizona that focuses on Cell Tower and ALTA surveys once again showing growth and forward thinking within the surveying industry.

In 2021, Jeff Echko made the decision to retire from the company and Scott Scibetta was asked to take over leadership of the Bock & Clark division. Having more than 25 years of experience with the company, Scott, along with the company’s management team, remains committed to the continued improvement and growth by providing quality due diligence surveys and reports to the commercial real estate industry.

In 2022, NV5/Bock & Clark was rebranded as NV5 Real Estate Transaction Services.