Environmental Assessment Reporting: Who's Responsible? 

July 05, 2017

Current legislation is unclear as to who is responsible for disclosing an impact found above reporting limits in a Phase I or Phase II ESA. The legal responsibility varies among states, however, pending legislation is being discussed that may eliminate the inconsistency and clarify the chain of reporting. Learn more about who is responsible for reporting findings.

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Bock & Clark Acquired by NV5 - Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence 

June 05, 2017

On April 17, Bock & Clark announced its acquisition by NV5 Global, a provider of professional and technical engineering and consulting services. Bock & Clark is excited to join the NV5 team and to enter the commercial real estate market. We will continue to deliver high-quality ALTA Survey, Zoning, Environmental and Assessment reports that will be further enhanced by NV5’s capabilities. Learn more about NV5.

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New Property Descriptions on ALTA Land Survey - Bock & Clark 

May 15, 2017

The 2016 Minimum Standard Detail Requirements for ALTA Surveys states in Section 6.B.ii that the surveyor now has additional responsibilities when presenting a NEW “As-Surveyed” property description on the front of the survey.

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Alternate Measures for Large Properties - Bock & Clark ALTA Surveys 

April 19, 2017

For ALTA surveys of large properties, it may be beneficial to consider Optional Table A Item 15. Requesting this item frequently benefits the ordering party with both cost savings and shorter time frames to complete the survey work. Item 15 permits the surveyor to utilize alternative technologies and/or procedures where ground measurements are not otherwise necessary to locate improvement features on the surveyed property.

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Commercial Zoning Reports & Their Alternatives: ZIP & ESL Reports 

February 20, 2017

During most commercial real estate transactions, it is likely that the surveyor, lender or title company will require some type of zoning report. In this post, we will offer insight into how long it takes to prepare a zoning report based on your specific needs, as well as options for reports with quicker turnaround times.

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Tips for Ordering Property Condition Assessments 

January 25, 2017

Sometimes it’s the smallest details that cause the biggest of problems. Those big problems can hold up a real estate closing, purchase or financing. In this post, we will offer some tips to help you avoid these issues. 

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ALTA Surveys - Optional Table A Item 19 

November 17, 2016

With the recent adoption of the 2016 Minimum Standard Detail Requirements and the inclusion of the rewritten definition of Optional Table A Item 19, there may be some confusion concerning the responsibilities of the surveyor in depicting appurtenant easements.

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Environmental Reporting - Terms & Definitions 

November 16, 2016

When learning about environmental impact assessments, it is important to gain an understanding of the terms that are used during the process. In this blog post, there are several the definitions of frequently-used terms that you should know.

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ALTA Surveys - Legal Descriptions New & Recorded 

September 23, 2016

In February 2016, changes were made to the ALTA Survey Minimum Standard Detail Requirements. The new and updated requirements carry over many specifics from the 2011 standards but there are many subtle and important changes. Learn more about the updates to the land surveyor notation requirements.

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Bisnow’s Annual Multifamily Conference West – Recap 

September 02, 2016

Bock & Clark’s Jim Brown and Tim Kidd attended the fourth annual BMAC (Bisnow’s Annual Multifamily Conference) West on July 20th in Los Angeles, CA. The conference featured a variety of speakers who are some of the nation’s leading multifamily and mixed-use executives, including keynote speaker Scott Croul, Managing Regional Director of Freddie Mac. This year’s conference was packed full of informative content.  If you were unable to attend, this blog post goes over a few of the event’s highlights.

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