Bock & Clark 2020 COVID-19 eNewsletter

Special COVID-19 Message

Special NV5 Bock and Clark COVID-19 Message

We hope this message finds you well during this uncertain time.  We recognize that you have been inundated with messages from businesses related to COVID-19 so we will be brief.

All NV5/Bock & Clark offices are open for business and we are here to service your due diligence needs.  Some employees will be working remotely, but we have made every provision to keep them involved in day-to-day operations.  In a few instances, where cities/counties have been asked to “shelter in place”, we may need to make a few adjustments in terms of delivery dates as access to courthouses, etc…may not be permissible.  However, these are few in number at this time and our project teams will keep you apprised of any compromised deliveries.

Please contact us with any questions, status updates or requests for quotes.  Our team is making every effort to limit the impact on service levels for all current and future projects.

We wish you good health.


NV5/Bock & Clark