Phase II ESA

In the event that the findings of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment reveal a Recognized Environmental Condition that warrants additional study, a Phase II ESA (ASTM E1903-11) can be ordered.

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A Phase II is generally a subsurface investigation that can include:

  • Soil Sampling
  • Groundwater monitoring, sampling and analysis
  • Soil vapor/Sub slab soil gas testing
  • Ground penetrating radar
  • Characterization of hazardous chemicals

Do I need a Phase II Report?

The following are some Recognized Environmental Conditions that may necessitate the request for a Phase II Report:

  • Current or former underground storage tanks (USTs)
  • Existing USTs are past their life expectancy
  • Evidence of a release (leaking drum, compactor) or threatened release
  • Historical Use examples: Dry cleaners, Metal Plating Facility, Gas Station, Auto Repair, Lumber Yard and others

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