B&C Navigator

B&C Navigator offers four applications FREE to our clients.

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Interactive Survey & Title Review

Delivered as one file, requiring NO additional software and compatible with ALL title organizations – this customized product allows the user to navigate between the survey and title documents with the click of a mouse. Click Schedule B items, Encroachments and Survey Calls and be taken to their location on the drawing. Click the locator on the drawing and move directly to its reference in the title and supportive documents - no more sifting through pages. Additionally, Bock & Clark offers photos of Encroachments (when available) which can be accessed from the interactive survey. For more information contact our sales staff or a project manager or review our online tutorial. This service is offered FREE of charge to our clients.

Project Tracking

This secure feature allows the user to check project status, view the interactive survey and confirm delivery of title and support documents day or night. Using a single username and password our clients can access surveys from any computer and create an archive for their Bock & Clark projects going forward. You may also register for a login. NOTE: We recommend that you do not share your username and password with any other party as they will then have access to all projects stored within your B&C Navigator profile.

Prior Project Database

When you need a due diligence quote for your next commercial real estate project, consult our database of more than 130,000 commercial addresses representing survey, zoning and environmental projects performed throughout the United State and Canada. Finding a property address or one nearby indicates that we have a history with that property and that history may result in lower cost and quicker turnaround. Sign up for a username and password today and experience the national scope of our services.

Aerial Photographs

To better familiarize our clients with a property, we now provide five aerial photos (when available) with delivery of the first draft of survey. They include aerial shots from the north, south, east, west and orthographic vantage points. Although not current to the delivery date, most photos were taken within recent years (date is referenced on the photo) and are captured using hi-resolution cameras for clarity and printing to your local printer. Photos are not available for every project but we will do our best to provide whenever possible.

For more information about B&C Navigator contact your local sales representative or project manager and start navigating today!